Our Company

   Bell Group UK:

  • Is an ideal partner for anyone seeking a maintenance contractor.
  • Has the people, experience and resources to meet your requirements.
  • Prides ourselves on professionalism and attention to detail.
  • Has received numerous accreditations and awards.

"Bell Group UK is committed to putting customers first and dedicated to delivering professional workmanship, quality and value. We aim to be the partner of choice for customers seeking excellence in service, performance and care."

At Bell Group UK our company is about embracing the time-honoured traditions of tradesmen; while combining them with new technologies, forward thinking people and innovative new ideas. We know that we serve our customers best by investing in our tradesmen - and on any job we undertake the people representing us will be people we trust as custodians of our reputation.

Setting standards has become a philosophy at Bell Group UK. We have earned numerous industry accreditations; and ensure that all of our partners and our supply chain work with us to continue to develop these targets while achieving mutually beneficial goals. Whether it is health and safety or quality management, Bell Group UK is a company you can rely on.

In addition, Bell Group UK has a keen eye on the community and the environment – we have taken part in numerous fundraising activities and we have several sustainability initiatives in place.

So why not get to know more about Bell Group UK and see how we can meet your needs without ever compromising our devotion to excellence.