Bell Group UK aims to:

  • Promote innovation and cutting edge practices.
  • Be accountable for what we do and how we do it.
  • Adhere to Government Acts for best value.
  • Implement new and efficient methods of cost control.
  • Motivate everyone to strive for continuous improvement. 


"At the heart of sustainable development is the simple idea of ensuring a better quality of life for everyone, now and for generations to come. Bell Group UK embraces this idea."

Sustainability is at the heart of Bell Group UK as we aim to address both social and environmental issues, as well as our economic goals.

At Bell Group UK there are a number of key sustainability targets. We want to be: a strong leader in the industry that sets standards; a firm that is thoughtful about our customers’ objectives; and one that is willing to assess and take action in terms of our corporate responsibility.

By working with Bell Group UK you have the peace of mind that this is a company that takes sustainability issues seriously: one that is eager to invest in capacity building projects that support social progress and improve quality of life; and one that not only considers what it does, but how it does it - with a firm focus on quality workmanship and preparation.

By minimising pollution and waste; improving health and safety; and increasing our competitive edge; Bell Group UK has established itself as the standard bearer for sustainability in our field.